68 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

by Make Money

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Are you a teenager (or a parent of a teenager) looking to earn some extra cash? Good thing there are tons of opportunities to get some extra money on the side while young. It just takes a little time to look at all the options to figure out which one will work best for you.

To help you out, we’ve broken the different options down into some major categories:

  • App Jobs – Download an app or two and start making money!
  • Review Jobs – Give your expert opinions for cold hard cash.
  • Jobs with a Paycheck – work set hours for a company
  • Be Your Own Boss Jobs – Hustle = Money
  • Content Creation – Make money online
  • Selling Stuff – Get quick cash by getting rid of your stuff or someone else’s
  • Odd Jobs – They don’t conform to your expectations which tells you they’re a little extra awesome

If you’re under 18, be sure to ask your parents for help sorting through this list! You can use the table of contents to jump around to different categories, or the specific jobs that catch your eye.

App Jobs

There are a number of apps that put money in your pocket just from using them. They won’t all make you rich, but when you’re young, even a couple bucks here and there can be great!


Swagbucks allows you to shop online, watch entertaining videos, and answer surveys to find great deals to earn points. You then redeem these points for gift cards from your favorite places. As of right now, Swagbucks members have redeemed over half a billion dollars in gift cards. Join today.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great way to take surveys, build points, and redeem your points for gift cards. They perform market research for companies who pay for the responses. If you want to be a part of shaping the future of different products and services, give your feedback and make money doing it!

Fetch Rewards

Fetch is a free app that will pay you for your receipt photos. To use it, just open the app and take pictures of receipts from any store. This gives you points, and you can redeem those points for gift cards! You get even more points when you make purchases from stores you already go to in the app. To date, over six hundred million receipts have been submitted!


TaskRabbit is an app that connects those that need help with those that can do the job. Assembling a desk, helping someone move, fixing a toilet, moving stuff with a truck, cleaning a bathroom or kitchen, planting flowers, etc. Whatever task you can think to help with, there’s a market. There are dozens of other job types available, and it is 100% flexible. Be your own boss, set your rates, and become a trusted hand in your community.

Before you sign up, make sure that your city is one of the locations that other Taskrabbits are using! Not every city in the U.S. is available.


Instawork connects businesses with hourly workers for one-time or ongoing shifts. If a company is slammed or multiple workers are gone, they can put these one-time needs up on Instawork. Work where you want, when you want. Think of it a little like a job fair where you can accept temporary jobs.

You can learn a new skill or two and build a network of places that you can get a more consistent job – unless you love the randomness of different positions every day of the week! Who knows, you might impress the boss and have an offer for consistent work!


Fiverr brings freelance workers to businesses that are looking for extra help. If you’re savvy with blogs, design, WordPress, graphics, SEO, photoshop, translation, or social media, this site is for you. Businesses look for people with particular skills and hire them to complete projects on time and under budget. It’s a great place to learn what the business world is like and make post-high school connections.

Hire Teen

Hire Teen is similar to apps like Instawork, Fiverr, and TaskRabbit, except it’s geared specifically toward teens. They connect you to people that want teen workers! Amusement parks, government agencies, car companies, restaurants, cleaning or moving services, and more!

Besides having a ton of opportunity, they offer advice on getting that first job like how to interview how write a resume, and how to get noticed when you have little or no experience.

Review Jobs

Are you opinionated? If so, this category is perfect for you!

There are a ton of places that you can review products, websites, songs, or even video games. The best part is you can log in and give these reviews anytime convenient for you. Not a bad way to make a couple extra bucks while watching your favorite show!

Nielsen Surveys

For over 90 years, Nielsen has been a leader in market data. They are most well-known for their radio surveys, but they also track how you use the internet.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel combines your unique internet usage with people like you to build a picture of internet behavior. By having this app on your device, you earn credits each time you use the internet.

Test Websites

There are a number of companies that pay you to beta-test websites. This includes checking the user interface, looking for bugs in the code, or responding to surveys. These tests vary in length from 10-30 minutes, and it is a great way to use your free time to make money.

Review Songs

If you are a budding musician, you can listen to music, rate it, and get paid to do so. There are over 15 websites to pick from. Listening to a song and reviewing it will get you paid anywhere from 10-50 cents, depending on how long it is.

You aren’t going to make crazy amounts of money doing this because usually there’s a limit on the number of songs you can listen to, but it’s a fun hobby to make a little extra moola.

  • Slicethepie – requires that you are at least 13
  • HitPredictor – fifteen songs earns you $5 to Amazon and you need to be 13
  • Fushioncash – they give a $5 sign-up bonus and you can start at age 13

Video Game Tester

A video game tester sounds like a job that’s too good to be true, right? We promise, it’s real.

Sites like PlaytestCloud allow you to play mobile and P.C. games before they release. You let developers know about the look of the game and get a chance at early gameplay. Then give feedback about the game by playing it for 10-30 minutes.

Generally, a 15 minute playtest will earn you $9. Do a couple of those an hour and you’re looking at about $20-$40 an hour to play video games. Not too bad!

Mystery Shopper

Want to feel like a spy? Give mystery shopping a try. A mystery shopper (sometimes called a secret shopper) goes undercover and shops at stores to provide feedback to management. This is especially common in food service and retail.

Companies may ask you to go to specific departments, order specific items from a menu, ask certain questions, review the cleanliness of the building, etc. After you do your spying, you will answer the questions in their app or web form right from your phone!

Take the time to research to make sure it’s a legitimate review company. There are scams in this industry that just collect your information, then don’t pay or won’t reimburse you for the purchase, so be aware!

Jobs with a Paycheck

Next up, we’ve got ideas to help you make money the old-fashioned way: getting a job. You’ll have to clock in and out and ultimately work for someone else, but that’s not a big deal!

Summer Camp

Camps are always looking for great people willing to spend their summer with kids. This is the perfect job if you have a ton of energy and are looking for fulfilling work!

Camps range from 2-12 weeks over the summer. Keep in mind, this won’t pay well hourly, but you end up with great memories, good friends, and a summer full of fun. Plus, who doesn’t want to go swimming, play games, and sleep and count that as “work?”


Detasseling is when you spend a summer month or two taking the tassels off of corn so that the corn can be fertilized. If you live in the Midwest, you may have heard of this. If you’re on the coasts or in a bigger city, maybe not.

This job is a high labor job. You wake up before dawn to ride a bus to the field and start working. These early hours are so you don’t have to work during the heat of the day.

It pays incredibly well for being such a short period of work. Many companies also offer bonuses for perfect attendance and have promotion opportunities.

Manage Social Media for Businesses

Not all adults are very social media savvy. If you can prove that you’re reliable, you can often help manage social media groups. Send out great pictures, excellent captions, and like or comment to build a following for a business.

Personal Assistant

In today’s connected world, you can be a part-time personal assistant for someone. This looks like helping with their calendar, maybe doing grunt labor for them, serving as a handyman, or doing menial tasks for them at their work.

There is also the option of being a “virtual personal assistant.” Many entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants to manage their calendars, upload content to their websites, or to proofread their work. If you’re tech savvy enough to handle the virtual aspect and responsible enough to get things done without a boss in the next room, this could be a great fit!

Referee or Umpire

Umpire and referee jobs are great because you can count on a consistent schedule, and you know exactly how long it will last.

If you already play sports, this is an easy way to put that learning into action. Even as a teenager, you can referee games for younger kids through the YMCA or other youth organizations. The kids’ games are simple as they’re lax on the rules, don’t have a ton of drama (unless parents are crazy), and usually last an hour or two. Easy Money.


Chick-fil-a has one of the youngest hiring ages at 14 and they allow you to work around school schedules. As a minor, you can only work so many hours a week, plus it’s busy enough that it goes by quickly.

If you continue with Chick-fil-a, they offer promotion opportunities, tuition discounts, and scholarships for college. There is also an employee discount so be sure to add cheap chicken to your “pro” column.


Another classic summer job. Lifeguards usually have to be 15 years-old and go through training. The Red Cross and other organizations offer classes to prepare you for taking care of swimmers. Where you take the class will determine the cost.

These classes range from 24-27 hours, which may seem like a lot, but it’s comparable to what you would do in a driver’s education class. The course and cost is their way of making sure you’re willing to put in the work and take it seriously since being a lifeguard is a big responsibility.

After summer is over, you can keep working before or after school at an indoor pool or rec center.

Bonus – being certified will also help you get jobs as a camp counselor because you have extra training!

Movie Theater

At a theater you will generally serve at the ticket counter, concession stand, or clean up after movies are over.

Most theaters also offer bonuses like unlimited pop and popcorn, discounted or free movies, and clothes forever smelling like butter.

Amusement Park

Many towns have at least one amusement park and there are lots of jobs available. Ticket office, clean-up, restaurants or stands, rentals, and even keeping the grounds looking nice.

If the park is a combination with a water park, you can put your lifeguard training to use as well!

Grocery Store

At a grocery store, teenagers generally serve as bag attendants, shelf-stockers, and help with online oders. With the rise of online shopping, there are many spots available running groceries out to cars!

Grocery stores are almost always hiring so getting an interview shouldn’t be tough.

Golf Course

A golf course can be tricky to get into but offers excellent work. Remember that golf courses usually have more than just golf – they serve as country clubs. That means you can be on the wait staff, clean up, work in the restaurant as a busser, or serve at one of the other amenities (tennis courts, swimming pool, grounds, etc.).


There are positions available to coach teams – but not all are paid. If you would like to coach a team, look for leagues in your area that offer coaching compensation. It may take a little work because the youngest leagues are mostly led by a parent volunteer, and high school leagues often use teachers. The sweet spots are middle school teams and late elementary where you can use your sports skills.

If you are in a specialty sport, this becomes easier. Sports like gymnastics, swimming, or specific track and field events use coaches who have played that sport.


Gyms can be a great place to work if you enjoy working out. You can usually even get your gym memberships discounted or even completely covered. You’ll usually spend your time working at the front desk, doing cleaning, serving at one of the snack bars, or if your gym offers it, helping with childcare while parents work out.


Retail offers lots of introductory positions from cashiers to stocking and more. You will certainly get your step count in if you choose this job!

If there’s a specific place that you want to work, but they aren’t hiring, see if you can start during the busy season – like the holidays. Proving that you’re a great team member, responsible, and prompt can help springboard you into keeping that retail job long term!


Generally, you can’t serve in a restaurant until you’re 18 (some don’t let you until you’re 19, or even 21). But restaurants do have three positions typically available for younger employees:

  • Hosting – Dine-in restaurants have someone at the front door who takes reservations, helps guests find their tables, and knows when a new table opens up. Sometimes you’ll also be responsible for to-go orders.
  • Busing Tables – You will be responsible for cleaning tables and resetting them after guests are done eating.
  • Delivery Drivers – Some restaurants offer delivery and as long as you’re old enough, have a license and a car, you can make some great cash!

All these jobs have an hourly pay of some kind, and there are often tips involved on top of that. You can expect to work a couple evenings a week and a weekend shift or two for high school students. This can transition into a job for college and you usually get an employee discount on the food too!

Restaurants are almost always hiring so getting this job shouldn’t be tough as long as you’re responsible!


It seems like there’s a new coffee shop on every corner. Walk in and you’ll see a couple baristas behind the counter, making everything from a basic coffee with cream to more complex drinks.

For high school students, barista shifts are afternoons and weekends, and businesses work around your school schedule. This is another hourly position with tips and an employee discount.

In addition, being a barista is a useful life skill and can be a job that you keep during college.


Many places have a receptionist. When applying don’t focus on large companies like investment firms, hospitals, or banks. Instead look for smaller companies like dance studios, karate clubs, the local YMCA, club, gym, religious building, non-profit, or other sites you’d like to work!

Again, don’t limit yourself to the places that come to mind immediately. There are tons of businesses looking for someone like you to answer phones, greet guests, and generally be helpful in their office.

Paper Delivery

Get ready for early mornings! Paper routes are a classic teenage job for a reason. This job works well with your school schedule and pays competitively.

Paper routes can be found in want ads or directly from the paper. Typically, you deliver 25+ papers, depending on the street and area you’ll cover. The number of papers you deliver determines your income.

Work for Yourself

If you would rather work for yourself, set your hours, and work as long (or little) as you want, then you need to be your own boss.

As you own boss you decide when to work and how much to work.

Keep in mind: you will have to learn new skills to work for yourself! This can include billing people, finding new customers, and deciding what you want to charge for your time. With some jobs, you’ll have to learn to budget as well, so you can make sure you’re making money!

Here are some of the best options to be your own boss:

Web Designer

With tools like Divi, and Wix creating a great website is easier than ever! Industry standard for a quality website is anywhere between $1,000-$10,000 or even more. The better you get and the more complicated the site, the more money you can make.

Make your web design site first so people can see what you’re capable of, then do a few projects for free or cheap to begin building a portfolio. Once you have a few under your belt, you can start charging more!

To get started, you need a couple things:

  • A Domain Name – You can get one for your site through your WebHost, or buy one from a place like GoDaddy or NameCheap.
  • Web Hosting – SiteGround is great for beginners, but if you want something a little more professional, we recommend WPX Hosting.
  • A Web Builder – We strongly recommend Divi. It’s what we use to build all our sites and there are plenty of free videos to teach you how to use it.

Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery generally means you need a moped or car. This means you’ll likely need to be at least 18. Two of the most common are Instacart and DoorDash – both require that you are 18.

One of the major benefits is you get to set your own schedule, but it pays to know when the busy times are so you can maximize how much you make. Sometimes you can even deliver for multiple services at once and double your cash!


Babysitting isn’t easy, but it is a great way to make some extra cash as a teenager. If you get a handful of people who call you for date night, there’s no shortage of work – as much or as little as you want.

The most consistent is to have someone that you watch weekly! Don’t forget, if it’s a set of kids or a family that you struggle to work with, you don’t have to keep helping!

There are also different certifications you can take to help parents feel more comfortable allowing you to watch their kids. You also might have to do it for cheap or free a few times in exchange for a written reference that you can show to other parents.


Photography is certainly an investment for a teen looking to make money. Generally, a great camera, lenses, and other equipment cost quite a bit for a beginner. Instead, start with your phone and learn about lighting, shading, and more.

You can start by taking family photos, a business headshot, or just messing around with friends at the park for free. As you get better, charge for these and build!

Photography takes practice to command the big bucks for weddings, engagement photos, or graduation photos, but it’s worth the time if you want to make a side business out of it.

Pet Sitting

When people go on vacation, they need someone to take care of their pets. Keep in mind that not all pets can move out of the house! Fish tanks, terrariums pets (lizards, snakes, frogs, etc.), or small rodents (hamster, gerbil, mouse, etc.) generally need to stay at the house. For more traditional pets like cats and dogs, this usually means taking time to visit and play with them in addition to making sure they’ve got food and water.

If you are willing to make a house call or two, this is easy and doesn’t take a ton of work for you. You can create a client list or keep it to just family!

House Sitting

When a family goes on vacation, you live at their house! It’s an easy way to blend pet sitting and make sure that someone is home to make sure packages are signed for and plants are watered.

It can also be a great way to practice a little independence before living on your own!


Lawncare is perfect for a busy high school student. You need to learn how to make estimates, bill people, and keep track of your payments, but these are worthwhile skills to take into adulthood. You can also try this job our for free if your parents have a mower that they’ll let you borrow!

If you get more business than you can handle alone, you can always hire your friends and pay them from your profits. Collecting payments is super easy with digital payment apps.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is the off-season for those with lawn mowing businesses – if it’s too cold to mow, shovel snow. You can offer this service for houses or business. Just be sure you have a vehicle that can get through the snow!

Just like for lawn care, you can hire friends to work for you if you have too much business!

Walk Dogs

Walking dogs is a double scoop for you – you get to exercise and be with dogs. Some people are too busy to walk their dogs, but others can’t walk their pet because they’re physically unable. You can help both the busy and disabled in your community to take care of their dog, walk dogs!

Pick Up Dog Poop

Believe it or not, this is something that you can do for people.

Decide how often you will pick up the poop, what to charge, and when to charge. It’s a messy job, but easy. The tools are cheap, even an old pair of tongs works pretty well, and any plastic bag will do the trick.

Clean Houses or Businesses

Cleaning sounds somewhat intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Businesses are often looking for someone who will take out the trash, vacuum, wipe down surfaces, and clean the bathrooms. For someone diligent, you can do this in an hour or two.

For houses, you can negotiate what they want you to clean and what they expect. You negotiate which rooms you’ll clean and what tasks you’ll do. Figure out how to delight your customers and make a house look beautiful!

Car Washing and Detailing

Car washing can be as easy as setting up a stand on a busy street or traveling around to wash vehicles. It is a seasonal job, so keep this in mind. The best part is that all the supplies are cheap! Water, a bucket, soap, and a towel or two, and you’re ready to go!

Car detailing is where the big bucks are made. Why? Because detailing cars is like a car wash on steroids. It’s a deep clean with a polish. Those that genuinely care about their vehicles are willing to pay to make them beautiful.

Car detailing requires a bit more practice, but it is accessible to everyone. Do a bit of research to make sure you have tools such as polish, wax, a special cloth that doesn’t leave fibers behind, and a great vacuum. It also has a ton of growth opportunities. I personally know a high-school student who launched is own detailing shop and grew it to a full-time income.


Painting is another great way to learn a skill, and you get to practice in other people’s houses! Making sure you get clean lines, trim well, and paint walls. You can also get paid by room or by the hour so if you work fast, you might make more!

Window Washing

Window washing is another business that has low start-up costs. All it takes is a bucket, a cloth, and a squeegee or two and you’re good to go!

Typically, you want to be able to clean one side of a window in one minute and charge a per surface, meaning, each window has two sides. If you’re just starting out, charge $1 per surface, or $2 per window. If the windows are big or difficult to reach (requiring a ladder or climbing), you can charge more.

Sell Homemade Artwork

We can easily mass-produce paintings or images of paintings in the modern world, but we can’t mass produce original work. Coffee shops and boutique shops love unique artwork, and they can highlight or buy yours. The best place to start will always be friends and family, but selling artwork has been easier than ever before with the internet! You can use sites like Etsy to put your work online for free!

Clean Out Attics and Garages

Over time garages and attics can really fill up with clutter. Help people separate their stuff into what they will throw out, keep, or donate.

If you want to add another piece, you can offer to take care of ordering a trash container and getting rid of it for an extra charge.

Teach, Tutor, or Translate a Second Language

If you’re bilingual, there are opportunities to make some money off of that! People are continually looking to grow language skills.

You can teach classes, privately tutor, and even translate for organizations. Especially in towns or countries where more than one language is spoken, this skill of translating becomes important. This applies to businesses, schools, and more.

If you happen to know American Sign Language, some churches hire translators to sign for those who are hard of hearing during services.

Street Performer (Busking)

Every medium-size city and above has a “hub” – somewhere that people go to spend extra time and money. These hubs have fun events, a farmer’s market during the summer, or a regular Friday or Saturday nightlife. These are your opportunities to make a buck by sharing your talent with your community.

Don’t limit yourself to playing an instrument. Magic, juggling, fitting into a box, hula hoop awesomeness, or talent so stunning, it wasn’t on our shortlist.

Be sure to set up payment app accounts so people can leave digital tips since many don’t always have cash on them.

Video Editing

If you know how to edit videos, you can make some good money. If not, you can take a class at your school or community college, or even online and learn! Just make sure you don’t hand over the finished product until you’ve been paid!

Flip Stuff for a Profit

As a teenager, you have an abundance of time. This is your super-power!

You could also buy a product in bulk and resell them individually for a profit. Again, it takes time and work, but that is what you super-power is.

The internet is massive. Find a tiny corner of it and take advantage.


It doesn’t take as much learning to tutor as you think. All you have to do is know more than the person you’re training, and that’s a bar anyone can cross.

You can tutor many subjects beyond the primary school subjects – remember, you can train in anything someone wants to learn about.

Content Creation Jobs

Making money is as much about earning as it is gaining useful skills. The content creation jobs are full of new skills because they have overlapping growth areas. Writing, video editing, setting up a website, and more are within this category.

Keep in mind, all of these can make money, but they are long-term strategies to make money. It might be your 50th blog post or 100th video before you see any cash. If you go this route for cash, get in for the long haul.

Niche Site (Blog)

Did you know that some bloggers make six-figure salaries and only work a couple hours a week? Most bloggers say the first few years are always the hardest because they had to juggle blogging with their full-time job. As a teenager, you don’t have the problem.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

  • Nice Site Academy – A very well-respected online course that teaches you how to build, and scale a niche site. Within a year or two, you should be able to make a couple thousand dollars a month passively (or more)
  • Stupid Simple SEO – Another online course from the same creator. This takes a deeper dive into “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” for short. SEO is the backbone of making money online. If nothing else, learning SEO will be an incredible life skill as you get older!
  • Legal Templates – Protect your blog from legal trouble with these pages written by a lawyer.
  • Divi Web Builder – WordPress is what most webpages are built on and Divi makes building on WordPress so much easier. This is what we use to build all our websites.
  • Wix Web Builder – Wix doesn’t use WordPress, so it isn’t as customizable as Divi, but Wix is a little easier to learn to use. It isn’t our first recommendation, but it’ll be ok to learn the ropes.
  • Hosting – There are plenty of places to get hosting from, but our two favorites are SiteGround (cheap) and WPX Hosting (premium).

If you take it seriously and start at the beginning of high school, you might be able to build a passive income business that pays for your college and beyond!


There’s a big difference between those with a youtube channel and those who get views and subscribers. You have to learn how to create content that others want to watch. The best part? It’s 100% free to create an account and upload videos. Plus, unlike previous eras, you have a camera always with you. Create something awesome!


Streaming has quickly become a big business, and you can jump in on it too. Learn how to set up streaming on your P.C. or game station and learn how to engage an audience while you play. It will no doubt teach you how to speak, react, and build an audience.


Etsy is the most known place to sell other homemade items. They have all sorts of unique gifts and items. Learn to manage orders, ship and sell items, all while making something you enjoy!


There are so many skills to learn in Vlogging. Learn to talk to the camera, edit videos, upload, and be engaging with your thoughts.

If you don’t want to start immediately at vlogging, practice with social media like Instagram stories or TikTok to make short things that people want to watch!


Podcasting is a challenging route because it takes a lot of time to get going, but it is a fun one to pursue.

Order some starter pieces – a microphone, soundboard, and mixer and pick where you will podcast. In the midst of that, don’t forget to decide your topic of choice.

After this it becomes a game of self-promotion and endurance. Keep putting out episodes for people to enjoy as you share your ideas with the world!

Write a Book

We all have a book inside of us. Amazon has made it easy for you to share your knowledge with other people.

This book doesn’t have to be a New York Times bestseller, but it will hone your ability to create something, ship it out, and see what the world thinks of it. The most challenging way to learn is to learn by doing something in public, but it’s also the fastest way to grow your skill.

Selling Stuff

If you’re thinking “I don’t own anything,” offer to clean out the garage or attic for someone you know. You’ll get to learn what people are willing to pay, how to barter, and if you sell online, you can learn about ecommerce. In addition, you’ll get paid to get rid of your (or other people’s) stuff instead of simply throwing it away!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has boomed in popularity as a place to sell things. If you don’t have a Facebook, no problem, use your parents with their permission. Find stuff around the house to get rid of and learn the right price to sell it. It takes a little bit of work to find that sweet spot in supply and demand.

You’ll also pick up communication and scheduling skills as you let people know when and where to pick up what you sell them.

Garage Sale

If you’d want to sell everything at once, have a garage sale. Organize it for your neighbors, help get it into the paper, online, and other outlets, and go to work!

For some bonus cash, set up a lemonade stand to make some extra dough!

Sell to Thrift Stores

Instead of individually selling items, let someone else do it for you – you sell them a box of stuff and allow them to resell it. You’ll make less money this way but will have a lot more time on your hands!

Sell on Amazon or eBay

You can buy and resell individual items, or buy in bulk and resell.

With Amazon, you can even order things from manufacturers, have them shipped to Amazon’s warehouse where they will be shipped to your customers for you. You won’t even have to touch the stuff! This service is called “Fulfilled by Amazon” or “FBA” for short and there is a whole industry around it.

Sell In-Game Items

Believe it or not, you can make income selling in-game items – you get paid to play your favorite game. This route takes a lot of grinding and forethought to figure out what is worth your time, how to find it quickly, and where to resell it.

The other piece you need to consider is that you can’t be emotionally attached to what you find in the game. The rarer the item, the more you can fetch for it, and the less you can be attached to it.

Collect and Recycle Old Bottles and Cans

There are a few states that offer five to ten cents to recycle old bottles or cans. California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Vermont all offer deposits and refunds for aluminum or glass bottles. Go to work finding those around town!

Odd Jobs

Not every job fits nicely into a category. Welcome to “odd jobs.” These are unique ways to make money that are not advertised or you might not think about. Let’s get after it!


Applying for scholarships is a killer way to “make money” as a teenager. It might not feel the same because it isn’t money that goes into your pocket, but it does save you a ton that you might have to pay for room and board or other college expenses. Make it a goal to apply for one a week and stack them wherever you pursue further education. Keep applying for them, even while in college, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the cost of school drops.


Some competitions can win you cash. What is available will depend on your area, but art contests, physical challenges, and even cooking events can net you money. They take more work to find, but it’s possible for those that look for the opportunity!

Technology Help

There’s a large number of people who struggle with technology. Everything from setting up a universal remote to home sound systems can use a helping hand. If that stuff comes naturally to you, offer to do it for them! Get their budget, buy what they’re looking for, and set it up for a price. Not everyone understands, so make a business from it!

Work for the Police

One of the coolest jobs you can have is working for the police to do “stings” of stores. A sting is a set-up where you go in with a wire, a specific purpose, and see what happens. Most often, these look to catch stores selling cigarettes or alcohol without checking the I.D. If that happens, the police prosecute them.

You’d better be ready for some uncomfortable conversations with cashiers if the cashier does their job. You’ll have to attempt to buy the goods and if they catch you, walk out with your head up. It certainly is a unique job that will lead you to some great stories!

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What to do with Your Money?

After you’ve got your job, the next question is, what should you do with the money? We have a couple of options for you:


An easy first choice is to save and establish an emergency fund. An emergency fund is money that you save and don’t touch. It’s available for those moments that you have an unexpected expense. Typical wisdom says save at least $1,000, if not more, for these types of needs.

This cushion will get you ahead of your peers as you prepare for the unexpected.

You might not know this, but life costs money. Saving helps you get ready for that reality. Learning to save for something is a hugely underrated life skill. It will teach you to delay gratification, learn to set goals, and see them through.

Beyond an emergency fund, you can save for large purchases and avoid being in debt.


Compound Interest has been called the “8th great wonder of the world,” and there’s good reason for that! The sooner you start investing those hard-earned dollars, the longer they have to grow before you take them out for retirement.

Let’s give a real example. Because of your job, you manage to invest $1,000 at age 18. Then you add just $10 a month until you retire at age 65. If you did that, you’d have a cool $91,580 (with an 8% annual interest). If the investments do fantastic and you average 10% gains a year, you’d end with $192,834, from $1,000 and $10 a month.

The only thing we can’t get back is our time. Let your money work for you longer with your advantage, time.

If you have no idea what investing is, check out other spots on our website, ask an adult who knows, or educate yourself from the internet. If you want to take action today, here are a few places to start investing.


Acorns works for you that it helps you to invest during your daily spending automatically. It works by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar and investing that difference in the market.

Ex. If you spent $21.20 on gas for your car, Acorns charges you $22.00 and invests that $.80 (22.00-21.20) into stocks.

This helps you to put money away no matter what you do. You won’t become a millionaire overnight, but nobody does. Get rich slowly instead!


Betterment is an investment company that helps you invest in the biggest markets in the USA automatically. The best way to invest is to put the money in and forget about it. You want to put away money for the long-haul, and they want that with you.

Right now, they have over half a million customers and manage over $21 billion for people. You could be next!

Spend it!

You can spend your money and not feel bad about it! Just make sure it’s worth it to you and you have the money ready to go!

How Could a 14-Year-Old Make money? How Could a 15-Year-Old Make money?

Your age will limit you from specific jobs, but there are lots of ways to make money. Start by talking with your parents. They will be able to help you the best. They might even be able to have you do extra chores around the house or help you look for a job locally.

You can ask them to help you check out the app jobs, review jobs, or start your own business.  

How Can a Teenager Make $1,000 Fast?

As a teenager, there aren’t many fast and easy ways to make $1,000. In fact, they’re hard to come by for adults as well.

Instead of looking for a fast and easy way to get $1,000, learn the discipline to save, and you’ll get there.

Crazy enough, the most significant skill is to learn to do what you said you’d do. It’s that simple but far from easy. The more this happens, the more you’ll realize just how few people do it consistently.

If you are responsible, show up on time, and stick to your word, it’ll open lots of doors closed to others.

How Can I Make $100 In One Day?

When you’re in a pinch, the best way to get cash fast is selling stuff online. The fastest turn-around is Facebook Marketplace, as you often sell within your city and have no shipping costs. Find things of worth around the house and get rid of them.

If you’re looking for a day of work, the best place to start is by talking to your parents. Another place to check are the odd job apps like TaskRabbit or Instawork.

Wrap Up

The truth is that, as a teen, you are constrained by your imagination far more than your age. Focus on the skills and tools you have, not on what you need. If you ask your parents for help, we’re sure you’ll come up with a great idea together!

If you’re motivated to make money, that’s great, but be sure to spend plenty of time being a kid as well. You can’t get time back and you’ll rarely regret good times being a kid with friends and family.

Alexander Newby

Alexander Newby

Alexander is a fully licensed financial advisor. His entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the wealthy life have freed him to live a life he loves living. Though he faced plenty of obstacles along the way, he overcame. Through his struggles, Alex learned what it truly means to pursue the Wealthy Life in all the ways that matter most. He's been in pursuit ever since.

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