How to Make Money Without a Job

by Make Money

Our highest value at Avocado Finances is helping you pursue the Wealthy Life, and we regularly partner with companies that we believe can help. Some of the links in this post may be from our partners. Here’s how we make money.

Whether you’re just looking for a little extra cash, or you want to start earning passive income, there are several ways to make money without a job:

  • Create – build something you own that will make you money
  • Surveys, Reviews, and Opinions – fill out forms for some extra cash
  • Freelance and Odd Jobs – work through a go-between to get your skills in front of the most people possible
  • Be Your Own Boss – forget the middleman and risk it to build an income with your talents
  • Healthcare – making money from your body
  • Sell or Rent Your Stuff – get fast cash by selling your stuff or renting out what you own

As with all choices, there are trade-offs to make. The fastest way to get cash is to sell your stuff on the internet. But, if you’re hoping to make something that will give you the most money, being your own boss and creating assets are the best options.

Create Assets

An asset is something that you have or own that is expected to go up in value while you own it. It can make money while you’re not working on it, grow as you grow, and be a long-term way to make money. Assets are not built in a day, but the income stream can be substantial.

Start an Online Business

In the internet age, one of the best places to create an asset is through an online business. If your business is online, you have the potential to have low costs, higher profit, and “cash in” on the fact that our whole world is moving more toward the internet. Here are some of the best places to start

Niche Site Blogging

A niche site is a website focused on a specific corner of the internet. You work hard to answer questions that someone has about one particular topic.

There are three ways to make money through a niche site. Master all three and your business can bring in over six figures a month with the right site. Yeah, you read that right. Over $100,000 per month from one website.

The Three Types Revenue for Niche Sites:

  1. Ads – Monetizing through ads is the first and fastest way to monetize.
  2. Affiliate Links – links that take you somewhere to buy or sign up for something. Anytime you see an advertisement for Amazon on a website, you can bet it’s an affiliate.
  3. Product or Service – Most products are digital because they have the advantage of building once, and selling twice.

Niche Site blogging takes work and time to build. Start with the Niche Site Academy and Stupid Simple SEO to figure out how niche sites and the internet work. Then grab the Legal Bundle to ensure your online business is protected from lawsuits. When you’re ready to build your site, get yourself a web builder like Divi.


Dropshipping is when you serve as the middleman between customers and wholesalers online. You find great products, buy them in bulk, then sell them at a higher price. When a customer purchases the item, you place an order with the wholesaler for the customer’s exact amount and shipping information. The company ships it to the customer, and you get the difference of the sale!

Shopify is a great place to start dropshipping. They allow anyone, anywhere, to start a business, and that could be you.

No matter where you start dropshipping, the product, pricing, and market will always be the keys

Amazon FBA

Something very similar to dropshipping is Amazon FBA. FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon.” Instead of making your order directly to the manufacturer as you receive orders from customers, you order the products upfront and store them in Amazon’s warehouses for a fee. When a customer orders your product, Amazon handles all the shipping, logistics, and returns (if needed) of the sale while you collect your cash.

This can be tricky though. Getting the product to show up on Amazon’s search feeds isn’t always easy, and knowing which product to choose in the first place can be tough.

Web Design

Web Design is available to anyone with an internet connection. If you can follow online tutorials, and have an eye for design, you’re good to go! Website design can start as low as $250-$500 for an individual and rise to thousands of dollars for business sites.

Divi is a best in class product that allows you to make beautiful sites using what’s called a front-end-builder, or a visual builder. Basically it removes most of the coding and allows you to build with drag and drop tools.


YouTube is a great spot to build your brand. It takes practice to get going and develop an audience, so this is a long-term strategy.

The path to money on YouTube is through your audience and views. With 4000 hours of video watched, you can begin to use YouTube ads to make money.

A second strategy is to focus on affiliate marketing. Review items that you care about and link to the product in the description.

The third way to make money is through sponsorships. Find someone who is in your niche, and find a way to get paid to promote their content!


Investing is buying something with the hope that its value goes up over time. Remember, investing does not guarantee that the price will go up. There are tons of ways to do this, but we’ll focus on just a few

  • Real Estate – buying properties, commercial or residential, to hold as they increase in value, or rent them out or flip for a profit
  • Stock Market – buying publicly traded stocks through a broker. You can hold them for 40 years or try to flip them over a day or week for a profit
  • Commodities – a basic good or raw material that you trade. Gold, oil, meat, natural gas, grains, etc., are all examples of commodities.
  • Cryptocurrency – a new player to the game. You can buy and trade digital currencies. Crypto is volatile, so make sure anything you purchase you’re willing to lose.

Write a Book

Everyone has a story to tell. The highest cost of writing a book, after your time, is the cost to publish. Getting 1,000 copies of a book printed is an investment, but thankfully, that cost is now tiny because of Amazon Kindle Publishing. Amazon has a program that will let you self-publish a book on kindle for a percentage of the sales. Share your story and get paid to do so!

Sell Stock Images

Stock photography is a crowded market, but if you’re already taking photos in your free time, see if you can make money from them. Some sites allow anyone to join, and others are more selective of their pictures and photographers. Either way, here are some great places to start.

Sell Your Art

Because of the phrase, “starving artist” you might think selling art isn’t a great way to make extra cash. But, the internet provides a huge opportunity.  

Don’t limit yourself to traditional art forms. You can also sell custom posters, stickers, mugs, home décor, candles, etc. Display your wares on Pinterest and Etsy, create a Shopify site, or even sell on social media.

Surveys, Reviews, and Opinions

If you have strong opinions, get paid for them! Some surveys, reviews, or opinion responses are as short as 15 minutes, while others are a few hours. Give your opinion and get paid for it!


Each time you take a survey, you earn rewards, then redeem those rewards for cash or items. Swagbucks members have redeemed over half a billion dollars in gift cards. Survey Junkie is another excellent site to sign up for – they perform market research for companies who pay for the responses. If you want to be a part of shaping the future of different products and services, give your feedback and make money doing it!

Test and Review Websites

Websites are often looking for a facelift to be more inviting to customers. If they have poor design, won’t load properly, or confuse users, they’re losing money. They don’t want to lose money, so they’ll pay you to help out!

You’ll need a computer, camera and microphone (which most computers have), and an internet connection. Most sites pay about $10 for a 5-25 minute review. After that, it’s up to you how much you use these tools.

UserTesting – complete an application and do the sample test. Anyone with a PayPal is eligible.

Respondent – if you qualify, you can make $20-$500. Respondent has more specific surveys to participate in.

Userbrain – get $3 for every 5-15 minute video

Test and Review Products

Companies don’t want to put out a product that stinks. Enter you, an opinionated hero who can help them make their product useful to society. As a product tester, you sign up and see if you’re eligible for their programs. If so, they’ll send you a product for your honest review! Top companies offer cash, gift cards, or freebies for reviewing.

UserTestingElectronics, automobiles, software, hardware, etc.U.S. and international residentsCash through Paypal
BzzAgentFood items, personal care, beauty brandsResidents of the US, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, or the U.K.Free products and samples
InfluensterBeauty brands, personal care, Healthcare, food items, and baby and toddlerResidents of the U.S. and CanadaFree products and samples

Test and Review Video Games

Video game tester might sound like a job that’s too good to be true, but it’s real, we checked.

Sites like PlaytestCloud allow you to play mobile and P.C. games before they release. You get a chance at early gameplay, then give feedback about the game by playing it for 10-30 minutes. That test will earn you about $9.

Gaming Jobs Online is a site that you pay a subscription to, and they give you access to review games. It is like a job where they send things your way, and you respond. They’re interested in you finding glitches and offering general feedback to improve the game. No boss to report to just gaming for cash.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are designed to give opinions about a particular subject. These groups focus on politics, new products, psychological research, the size of a market, religion, or other topics. Typically you need to qualify for them, as researchers are looking for a specific type of person to get their feedback.

For example, a vehicle focus group might look for car fanatics to get their opinion on a set of names for a car.

Mock Trials

Believe it or not, some companies set up mock trials to help them win cases. To get paid, go to a mock trial, receive information, and let the researcher know how you would vote on the case. Researchers use this information to determine which jurors to exclude and what kinds of arguments would persuade the judge and jury.

Freelance and Odd Jobs

Being a freelancer allows you to decide when you want to work – both frequency and how many hours. Check out some of the best places to do freelance work.

Secret Shopper

Secret shoppers review establishments for cash. You’re usually given specific instructions like noting how long it took someone to ask, “have you been helped?” or order a particular item from a menu, visit a specific department, etc. In the end, you will have to give feedback so the company can improve on their product or service. Some of the most common places that hire secret shoppers are:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Test Drive Cars
  • Movie Theater’s
  • Restaurants
  • Retail

There are usually a handful of local companies that offer secret shopper programs. Also be wary of scams and confirm the pay in advance. Some secret shoppers get a free meal from the restaurant they review but are not paid for their time.

Food Delivery

The global pandemic undoubtedly accelerated the use of food delivery services. If you have a reliable car, you can work through an app. Keep in mind, some restaurants have their own delivery drivers, so this will stay specific to freelance food delivery options.

  • Grubhub – must be at least 19, have a smartphone, car or bike, a valid license, and car insurance
  • Doordash – must be at least 18, have a smartphone, have a car (bike or scooter in select cities), driver’s license, SSN, and pass a background check
  • UberEats – has the most specific rules. Take a peek below


Rideshare drivers use their vehicle as a taxi-type service. The fee can go up if it is during rush hours or surrounding holidays like New Year’s Eve.

To become a driver or see if your car qualifies, check out these sites.

Grocery Fulfillment or Delivery

Grocery delivery is more common as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These jobs can be as simple as walking groceries from the store to a waiting vehicle or doing local delivery.

Whole Foods lets you set your schedule for delivery. They simply have you work on customer fulfillment, bringing bags from the store to a waiting car.

Instacart and Shipt will allow you to shop for and deliver groceries to people’s homes. You must be 18, able to lift forty pounds, have a vehicle, and a smartphone that can use the Instacart app. You get paid from the delivery and keep all customer tips!

Don’t forget to check your local grocery stores to see what they offer. There are plenty of stores and apps that are not nation-wide.

Brand Ambassador

You may have never heard of a Brand Ambassador, but you’ve probably interacted with one. These ambassadors go to trade shows, grocery stores, and big events, and perform different tasks on behalf of the brand. They are the number one event staffing agency in the USA.

As a Brand Ambassador, you may get hired to host a booth at a trade show or sporting event. You have to ask some specific questions, banter with individuals, and often meet a certain number of opinions at the event. Here’s an example:

Taco Bell hires a Brand Ambassador to do research. They want to know what people think about the menu. Since you work for Brand Ambassador, you get a call: “will you sit in Taco Bell and do 15 surveys from 4-6 next week? We’ll make it easy and give you $5 gift cards to give away, so customers take the survey. Especially try to get female’s opinions! For this, we’ll pay you $50.”

If you’re an outgoing person that likes talking to new people, it can be super fun. Generally, the pay is between $15 and $40 per hour, depending on how good you are at what you do! These events are sporadic but typically pay well!

Our Co-Founder, Alex Newby, did a lot of this work in college. He represented brands like PayPal, Adidas, local grocery stores, vineyards, restaurants, and the USA Olympic Team. One time he even got paid $600 to take pictures of the stores he shopped in while on vacation.

Specialized Freelance Work

Freelance work is challenging, but there’s a spot for specialized freelancing with Fiverr and Upwork. Both offer competitive pay for skills like – I.T., design, marketing and sales, writing, translation, admin, finance and accounting, WordPress, mobile design, dropshipping, social media, and a video explaining concepts or products.

There is a whole world of quality, paid work available here. Take the time to check out if there are jobs where you can contribute.

Voice Work

If a friend’s ever said you have a radio voice, maybe voice work is in your future. After all, someone has to say all of the terms and conditions at the end of commercials, why not you?

BunnyStudio puts you through a simple 4 step process to see if you have the voice others want. You have more work available if you speak multiple languages as there is a need for translating into other languages!

Substitute Teacher

There is usually a shortage of capable substitute teachers. Right now, many school districts require that you have a bachelor’s degree, a background check, and take one or two locally offered classes.

Typically schools pay subs well because there’s a shortage of them! As a bonus, if you want to get into teaching, it’s a great place to get your feet wet and get paid at the same time!

If you’ve already been a teacher, you can even sell your old lesson plans on TeachersPayTeachers.

Clean Houses

Cleaning houses is easy. It just takes time.  

You can decide if you prefer working for a cleaning company or finding a few houses independently. Cleaning starts is usually paid per hour, but you can work out the specific details with your clients.

Sell Your Unused Checked Luggage

Airmule is a unique concept for a specific situation. Let’s say you’re flying to Florida for a weekend and get a free checked bag with your ticket. If you don’t need that checked bag, you can turn that slot into some cash.

You just have to open Airmule, enter all the information about your trip, and how many checked luggage spots you have available.

Then, when you arrive at the airport, you pick up your prepacked Airmule Travel Box, complete with a manifest and photos. Check this in as your own!

Finally, head to baggage claim and pick it up! Drop it off with the Airmule staff at the airport.

You get paid $150 per Airmule Travel Box, and you can courier up to 4 per trip. Depending on the cost of your flight, you might pay for your flight, and then some!

Handyman Jobs

TaskRabbit is an app that connects those that need help with those that can do the job. This work can be assembling a desk, fixing a toilet, moving stuff with a truck, cleaning, planting flowers, etc. There are tons of other types available, and it is flexible. TaskRabbit is not available everywhere so check locally first.


Instawork connects businesses with hourly workers for one-time or ongoing shifts. If a company’s hurting for temporary workers, they can put these needs up on Instawork. Think of it a little like a job fair where you can accept temporary jobs.

The great benefit of Instawork is they take care of all taxes and payments for both parties – employer and employee. That way, you aren’t filling out paperwork for each job. They also clarify all the details, like pay and hours up front.

Be Your Own Boss

If you hate taking orders from someone else, be your own boss. Here are some of the most accessible ways to start making money without a job as your own boss.

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be done by hand or digitally. In fact, there’s a ton you can do even from a smartphone using Canva. Take your skills to those around you to design t-shirts, social media, website, or promotional graphics for events. Someone created everything you’ve ever seen. Why not be one of the creators?

House, Baby, and Pet Sitting

House, baby, and pet sitting continues to be a need in the 21st century. You can find clients around your town or use apps to help find customers. Each app requires its own set of applicant requirements, so make sure to check them out individually for great fits.

  • Trusted Housesitters – for both house and pet sitting jobs.
  • Mind My House – Over 30,000 homeowners use this app for their house sitting needs.
  • Rover – Look after others’ pets while they’re away or simply at work.
  • Fetch – commit to walking, pet sitting, or overnight visits.
  • Urbansitter – for all childcare jobs you want. Part time, full-time nanny, childcare, etc.
  • Bambino – with a recommendation, you can instantly see jobs in your vicinity to do babysitting work.

Get Paid to Write and Proofread

The world is always in need of writers and proofreaders. With the internet, there’s a greater need for both, and it’s easier to do!

People are writing more content than ever and it’s not just print. With growing digital content creation, you can be a writer for niche sites, websites, online magazines, social media pages, and more! Typically you can get paid anywhere from a quarter of a cent per word to fifty cents per word. That translates to $25-$500 per thousand words.

Right now, some of the best places to get hired to write are Facebook groups, Upwork, or Freelancer.

If that isn’t something you enjoy, try being a transcriber with Accutran Global, bytescribe, or Bam! Transcription.

The final way is through proofreading or copywriting. Both pay handsomely if you have the skill.

Virtual Assistant

If you decide to become a virtual assistant, you get to set your hours, work with clients for long-term or short term projects, and work with various people.

The Virtual Guru’s have a smooth process that only takes the top 3% of applicants. You can use your talent as a service to someone else for a variety of work types. Virtual Guru also helps because those who hire you have to use Virtual Guru’s delegation process, so you don’t have to learn a new system with each boss.

Lawn Care and Snow Removal

As long as we have lawns and driveways, there will be those who’ll pay to take care of them. A lawnmower, trash cans, blower, and trimmer will run you about $500 total. After that, the only ongoing costs are gas in your vehicle and for the mowers. If you’d rather stay local, offer to do it for your neighbors.

Similarly, snow removal is a pain. If you want to go big, get a pusher for the front of a truck and remove snow in parking lots. If you’d rather keep your operation small, a snowblower will cost you 300-$400. And if you want the exercise, remove snow from the neighbors with a shovel. Cash and cookies are a generous payment from the grandma down the street!

Private Tutoring

As long as people want to learn, there will be a need for tutors. Pick a topic that you feel confident in and start offering to teach. Don’t limit yourself to school subjects – offer to teach anything you think people will be interested in. Advertise at local schools and clubs to find your students!


YourMechanic brings the mechanic to you at your home or office, seven days a week. If you have mechanic knowledge and tools, this may be up your alley. A customer uses the app or website to give a few details about the car and problem. YourMechanic will send the customer a quote, and if the quote is accepted, an appointment is scheduled between you, the traveling mechanic, and the customer.

The company saves money because they don’t have building or tool costs, and they pass on those savings to the customer. Typical pay is $40-$60 per hour, and you choose the types and hours of jobs you want. Stick to the jobs you are comfortable with and have the tools to repair!

Massage Therapist

Massage on demand – welcome to the world of Zeel. If you have experience in this industry, get paid twice what you’ve made before. Zeel brings the massage, assisted stretching, yoga, and mindfulness to the home of the customer. This allows you to serve those that can’t get to the studio or are too busy to do it.

Zeel employees average $83 per hour, get unlimited referral bonuses and keep 100% of tips. You can also apply through Zeel to be an in-network provider – expanding the number of clients you can have through insurance.

I.T. Help – HelloTech, Spare5

HelloTech services include setting up home theaters, sound systems, wifi networks, T.V. mounting, smart home installation, and computer support. HelloTech partners with Nest, Amazon, and Walmart, among others, so there isn’t a shortage of work for installation techs.

You get paid weekly, set your available hours, and help people with their tech needs, online and in person. You can get paid up to $90/hour!


Healthcare will always be a lucrative industry and working in it generally pays well.

Sell Eggs or Sperm

If you need money fast, don’t sell your sperm or eggs – the process is long and requires a screening process to see if you qualify. For those that are eligible, it can be quite lucrative. Men get between $200 and $1500 for sperm donations (typically several donations are required). The ladies get even higher payouts, from $6,000 to $15,000.

To qualify, you have to be a legal adult, typically between 18 and 39, have a college degree, be a non-smoker, and meet their other physical, mental, and family history requirements.

Wondering why women get paid more? It’s because donating eggs is riskier and requires using certain hormones and medicine to get the optimal egg. These hormones can impact your health, so take be sure to choose an excellent clinic and know the risks.

Sell Plasma

If you’ve got time on your hands, selling plasma is a great way to make a few extra dollars. There are generally a number of local options, including the Red Cross, that will pay for plasma.

The first donation usually takes about 2 hours between the paperwork and plasma donation. After that, it’s usually about 90 minutes from start to finish. Bring a book, or dive into a movie or T.V. show to pass the time. For your time, you’ll make $30 to $60 per session and can donate up to 2 times per week. Call around to see who has the best rates and what they offer if you’re a repeat customer.

To sell plasma, you typically need to at least 18 and over 110 pounds. After that, your medical history will determine if you’re a great candidate or not.

Participate in Medical Studies and Clinical Trials

No matter who you are, you probably qualify for a medical study – even if you are in terrible or unique health conditions. In fact, this may allow you able to participate in more studies! Each trial has its own “type” of person they’re looking for, so search to see what fits you. There is an assortment of tests from new drinks, foods, medicine, and more!

These studies range from a few hours to a weekend to multiple visits over multiple weeks. The longer time involved, the more you get paid.

An example of a study could be “does this drink reduce cramping?” You go, get a drink, and then get mildly shocked to get a cramp. Afterward, scientists ask what it was like and if it helped or not.

Another example is seeing if a new nicotine patch helps reduce smoking. For three weeks, you count how many cigarettes you smoke. Then for nine weeks, you use the patch to see if it reduces your nicotine intake.

Search for medical studies in your area to see what’s available!

Sell or Rent Your Stuff

Most of us have clutter in our lives. What if cleared them out and made some cash while doing it? It’s a quick way to make some money and is accessible for almost everyone.


Search your home for what you can get rid of or downsize. When you’re motivated, you’ll find there’s a lot more than you realize to sell!

Look for old furniture, unused clothes, old appliances, kitchen gadgets, tools, decorations, games, books, or anything else that is cluttering your life. Post them online and see what you can get in return!

Here are the best apps to sell your things!

If selling it yourself seems like too much work, check out consignment shops. As a seller, you bring your items to the store, and the owner decides what they want to sell and how to price it. The object then stays at the shop. When a customer purchases it, the seller (you) and the store owner each get some of the money.


It’s increasingly common to choose to rent things, rather than own outright. If you possess high demand items, find a way to rent them out to those who want to use them! Maybe your new lawn mower can pay for itself from you renting it out to your neighbors?

Baby Gear

Believe it or not, baby gear is something you can rent. Parents who are traveling are looking to pack as little as possible. Instead of bringing every baby item on a trip, sites like BabyQuip help you to rent your baby gear to a parent in need.


Every middle school student needs an instrument. Rent it out for a semester or year to someone who’s learning to play.


One of the best times to rent books to your friends is in college. If you’ve already bought the book, rent it to a classmate who’s taking the class next semester. It’s a win-win for you and your buddy. You get some cash; they get the book for cheaper than buying it.

Parking Spot

If you’re lucky enough to have a driveway, you can make money. Curbflip will connect you to those that want a parking spot.

If you live next to a major venue – sports, entertainment, or music, use those massive events and let people park on your lawn for a price!


Turo will let your car work for you while you’re doing something else. Instead of your vehicle being idle 90% of the day, someone else can use it!

House or Apartment

Rent out your house or even just a room on Airbnb. If you rent out your whole place, see if a friend or family member will let you crash at their place for the weekend. You can even offer to share some of the profit with them.

Other Stuff

Rentah will let you rent literally anything that you own to people in your area. Check out current listings for ideas of things you can list yourself.

Unused Gift Cards

Sell your unused gift cards for cash on Raise. This includes buying discounted cards in bulk and then re-selling them individually for the full price somewhere else. You’ll be making money $5 or $10 a card!

Related Questions

How can I make a living without a traditional job?

If you want to make money without being tied down, be an entrepreneur or gig economy all-star. Both will give you a ton of flexibility, and being your own boss is always a big win.

How to make money without working for someone?

Instead of working for a boss, work for the customer. If you aim to please the customer, you will always have someone willing to buy what you’re offering.

How can I get rich without a job?

You probably should try the lottery or marrying someone wealthier than you. Either that, or start your own business and work until it’s working for you!

How can a teenager or a kid make money without a job?

There are tons of ways. We made a list of 68 ways you can make money as a teenager!

How to make money without a job in high school?

There are a lot of kids who want a stable job. That’s clearly not you, so check out our “Be Your Own Boss” section of ways to make money as a teen.

How to get money in one day without a job?

The fastest way to get money is to sell something that you no longer need or want. If it’s the right price, it will sell quickly!

How to make money at 14 without a job?

Make money at 14 doing everything from surveys and odd jobs to using your skills on the internet and I.T. help. If you have lots of time and energy, the opportunities are plentiful! Get ideas from our post about making money as a teen.

Wrap Up

When you don’t have a job, it’s easy to look at all the things that are going wrong – it can be downright depressing. But there are plenty of opportunities out there if you know where to look. Look at this as a chance to try something you’ve never done before. Maybe it’s a chance to show off the skills you have and bet on yourself. This is your moment to be creative with how you make money, and with so many options, you’re bound to find something that fits you, and all along the way, we’re right here to help.

Ryan Pramberg

Ryan Pramberg

Ryan loves to serve people. The more he learned about money, the more it became apparent that he enjoyed talking about it with other people. My goal is to be wealthy in all aspects of life: faith, family, friends, and financial. I hope the things I learn help you live a life of purpose.

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