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Pursuing the Wealthy Life

Hey there. We need to talk about wealth and money.

Wealth gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t. Pursing wealth is what life’s all about.

Wealth is abundance, pleasure, love and passion. It’s creating things for others to enjoy while enjoying things others create. Simply put, wealth is humanity’s collective effort to create and experience what matters most to all of us.

But our obsession with money distorted the pursuit.

We got distracted by the McMansions, the cars, and the shiny things. We started measuring our value and worth based on our title at work and ability to bring home the bacon. Ultimately, we mixed up money and wealth.

And along the way, we lost our passion for the wealthy life.

Now we either obsess over money, or reject it outright – and both make us miss wealth when it’s all around us. Because we’ve confused money for wealth, we’ve shut ourselves off from creating the very thing we’re here to create.

And yet, wealth is still what life’s all about. It’s those moments you think back on fondly, and the ones you look forward to expectantly. Wealth is diving deep into your passions and using what you learn to make the world a better place. Discovering wealth, creating it, and sharing it is what humanity does best. It’s the one thing that unifies us all.

So the good news – there’s an infinite amount of wealth we can create together. It’s just hidden – buried beneath a massive mess of misconception and misunderstanding. At some point, we’ve all forgotten what it means to pursue wealth.

We just have to re-learn.

That’s exactly what we’re here to do. This site is a reset, a rethink. It’s a simple, powerful reintroduction to wealth that doubles as a guide to attaining it. A fresh start, the way it should be.

Pursuing the Wealthy Life is the song we can’t stop singing.

We can’t wait for you to join the melody.

1. Get to Know Us and Our Approach

Everyone has a story and we spend a ton of our time in our personal lives discovering the stories of the people around us. Because we will be spending lots of time together, discussing and sharing opinions and research on financial and lifestyle matters, we want you to know us on a more personal level.

To help you get to know us, we wrote our full stories. When reading, you might notice that we made the admittedly difficult decision to be really transparent with you. We recognized our weaknesses reveal who we are more than our victories. It just felt right to be the first to extend the trust you put in us every time you read a post and act on it.

We also encourage you to check out our approach to Pursuing the Wealthy Life. This is the foundation of everything else we’ll talk about here. 

2. Start Your Own Pursuit

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our approach to Pursuing the Wealthy Life. After that, you can read some of the popular posts below.

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