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We’re Ryan and Alex, and we’ve been good friends since college. We’ve spent lots of time together and were even in each other’s weddings (though only one of us fainted during the other’s ceremony… Ryan).

Over the years, we’ve become close friends. Over time, we found ourselves growing increasingly interested in personal finance. It didn’t take long for us to discover our shared passion and we began sharing articles and recommending books back and forth.

Because we found ourselves talking about money so much, we decided to be very open about our own personal finances. It was that level of trust that allowed us to have deeper, and in many ways different, conversations about money than many would consider normal.

The Wealthy Life

Over time we discovered that while we both cared about money a lot, neither of us viewed it as the end all be all. Instead, we viewed it as a tool to help us achieve freedom and happiness. This realization was the beginning of our intentional pursuit of the Wealthy Life.

We continued to value money less and less while still growing in appreciation for how, if leveraged well, money had the ability to free us to live the way that brought each of us the most fulfillment. In our world, the study of money became the study of opportunity and freedom.

We began helping friends experience the Wealthy Life. Sometimes that meant helping them learn to invest their money wisely, showing them how to budget, or even loaning (or gifting) them money when they experienced a rough patch. That’s when we started dreaming about leveraging the power of the internet to help even more people.

After realizing just how many people struggled to manage their money and how few were pursuing the Wealthy Life, we decided to figure out how to help people achieve wealth in every aspect of their lives like we were well on our way to doing.

Helping Our Audience Pursue Wealth

Since launching Avocado Finances, our goal has always been simple. We want to help as many people as possible grow wealthy in all the areas of life that matter most.

Much of our content focuses on financial wealth. However, we are also incredibly passionate about helping our community grow wealthy mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We want as many people as possible to be free to pursue their passions, experience deep and meaningful community, and feel like the wealthiest people alive.

Nothing Like Them

Most of the blogs we were used to reading only talked about the amazing achievements of the authors. While we agreed their resumes were impressive, they never seemed to accomplish the purpose of their “About Me” page – helping us get to know them better.

We always left feeling more alienated from them, separated by their achievements. After all, they were passively generating thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from their blogs or businesses and traveling all over the world in their free time. On the other hand, we were working multiple jobs, raising young kids, and carefully budgeting our dollars because while we were comfortable, we didn’t have much extra compared to their standards. We were nothing like them.

Radical Transparency

This is why we made the admittedly difficult decision to be much more transparent and honest with you than other bloggers out there. We are showcasing more of our weaknesses than our victories. You might wonder why we made that decision if it was so uncomfortable.

First, we believe those weaknesses and mistakes were far more formative than our victories. If you’re going to know us, understanding how we struggled and made it through the tough times felt vital.

Second, we want to reciprocate the trust you place in us. Every time you read a post and act on it, you are placing your trust in us, and it just felt right that we extend that trust first.

We hope you will take the time to get to know us better by reading our full stories below before you jump to the next post.


Ryan Pramberg
Co-Founder | Vision

Alexander Newby
Co-Founder | Operations

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